Basketball Hoops – Accessories That Can Help You Improve Your Skills


Practicing basketball on a high quality hoop can be so much fun and a challenge. But did you know there are many accessories that can help you practice so when game time comes you are ready? These accessories help you develop your skills and when the pressure is on, you can use your improved skills to help your team succeed. Whether you are a serious player or just want to work on your skills, these accessories can help you.

It may seem like most of practice time should be spent practicing making baskets, but rebounding is just as important. Whether you are rebounding the ball from the other team or grabbing a rebound from your own team’s missed basket, rebound skills are important. A block-aid is an important accessory in aiding to build your rebound skills.

A block-aid is a device you put into the net that acts as an obstruction to the net. Obviously, when the net is blocked you will miss balls and have the opportunity to rebound. Using this device lets you focus solely on building your rebound skills. You don’t have to waste time making baskets and chasing balls. Improving your rebound skills will improve your overall game.

Another accessory that helps you build your skills is a return net. This net attaches to the back of your basketball hoop and reaches to the ground. When you make a basket, the ball bounces off the net and rolls back to you. You won’t have to run after balls so it really optimizes your free throw or three pointer practice time.

A similar accessory is a ball return. This device attaches to the goal and around the net. When you make a basket, the ball returns to you. This gives you the chance for uninterrupted repetition so it’s great for shooting drills. It doesn’t require any tools. It simply attaches to any rim.

Another accessory that can improve your skills is a basketball training ring. This metal ring attaches to the goal to make an opening that is smaller in diameter. How does this help? It allows you to make more shots and get used to throwing the ball into the center of the rim. It snaps onto any standard size rim so there are no tools required.

An important part of learning to score is picturing where the ball should be thrown before it goes in. A basketball shooting trainer is a device that fits four inches above the rim. It allows you to aim for that exact spot allowing the ball to fall into the center of the net. Most shooting trainers come with a ball return attached so you can practice shot after shot effortlessly.

Honing your basketball skills will make you a better team player. With just a few accessories added to your basketball hoop or goal, you can get the type of practice you need to improve your skills. So go ahead and challenge yourself and your skills with any of these great skill improving accessories.


Source by Bill Parsons