Best Christmas Gifts for Unemployed


Given the state of today’s economy, as well as the current unemployment rate, there will be many who will find it necessary to cut back on Christmas expenses this year. Chances are, there is at least one person on your Christmas list that is currently unemployed. Deciding what to give this person may be a difficult decision for some. An expensive, frivolous gift that they may not get much use out of is probably not a good decision. For the person who is currently unemployed, a thoughtful, more practical gift will likely be much more appreciated. Here are a few suggestions:

•Everybody loves to greet their friends and family with a fresh Christmas wreath hung on the door! In addition, a Christmas wreath can help bring joy and Christmas spirit to the person who may find it necessary to cut corners on Christmas this year. The person who is unemployed this season will likely not spend money on Christmas decorations.

•Buy them a gift certificate or tickets for some fun event or entertainment that their whole family can enjoy. If they love movies buy a gift certificate to the movies, skating,
sports events are all things they wouldn’t treat themselves to which would be a real treat for them. Also, gift certificates to restaurants are always a great gift.

•Buy a large, useful container, such as a laundry basket or trashcan, and fill it with everyday items. You may also include a few snacks or pampering items they may not think to buy for themselves, such as a package of fresh herbal tea, or some relaxing bath oils or candles.

•Take Christmas to them this year. Bring a little excitement and joy to what might be a bit of a depressing season for them this year. Load up your car with Christmas essentials, such as decorations, Christmas music, cookie or candy making supplies, and a bright, cheerful smile, and haul it all over to their home for some Christmas fun. You could even tie a tree to the top of your vehicle.!

•Think of a creative way to give them money, such as tied to the branches of a money tree. While some may consider a simple gift of money to not have much thought behind it, it may be the most thoughtful gift you could give to the person on your list that is currently unemployed.


Source by Karen Jebbia