How To Make Food gift baskets / Makeover gift basket / Jewelry gift basket


Gift baskets can be seen everywhere. When you see the gift baskets, will you think a question like this “How it is made?”.

1. Food gift baskets

You know the usual gift baskets. Food, wine and all that jazz.

Well, a fruit basket filled with fruit harvested from your garden would be wonderful… if the seasons permit it. If not, if you made jams and preserves from harvested fruit, these would be wonderful in the gift basket.

* Get a wicker basket.

* Put a huge box of biscuits you baked yourself at the bottom of the basket.

* Arrange colorful bottles of jam on top of that box, with a bottle of wine in the center.

* Use a clear adhesive tape to hold everything in place.

* Then wrap the entire basket and its contents with cellophane paper.

* Tie a ribbon around the wine bottle for the finishing touch.

2. Makeover gift basket

Know of a plain jane you would like to makeover into a lovely swan? Drag her to the mall and get her to try out various dresses until you find one she looks amazing in. Buy that for her.

Drag her to the makeup counter for one makeover after another and when you find a look she looks fabulous in, and buy the makeup used to create that look.

Cart her to the shoe shop and pick a pair of high heels that fit her and which go with the outfit.

If she still lets you live, put the shoes, dress and makeup in a basket and wrap it with cellophane. No doubt it wouldn’t be a surprise, but that would probably be the gift that she would remember more than anything else. She might be embarassed when you get her to use that gift at a party, but I’m sure she’d be pleased whether or not she shows it.

3. Jewelry gift basket.

Your gift basket need not really be in a basket. You could even use those compartmentalized boxes for fish bait for this jewelry gift basket.

Get a collection of earrings you know she would like. Costume jewelry would be wonderful. CZ earrings [] are very affordable. You might even put in a necklace or two and other jewels that fit into these compartments.

Once every compartment is filled, decorate the box by gluing color paper on the lid and letting your artistic talent loose as you write a message on it using metallic ink.

Wrap it up and give her this treasure chest for Christmas., first China B2B platform for wicker export and wicker import, also largest online vertical wicker industry B2B platform for relevant manufacturers, suppliers, international buyers, connects global wicker basket / picnic basket buyers and sellers.


Source by Helen Zhang