Humidor for the cigar lover


Humidor is a box or a room used to store cigars or tobacco. Humidors have a constant humidity that protects the cigars from becoming dry or infested with insects. It preserves and improve the cigars. It can be made of wood or acrylic box. It can be found in tobacco shops or in online stores like Personalized humidors are great gifts to your groomsmen, or to your cigar afficionado friends. carries humidors fit for any personality. * The Cabin Series Humidor, made of rustic wood, is perfect for those who love the outdoors, it is available in six outdoor designs. * Cigars will retain its freshness when properly monitored in the heirloom quality Cherry Wood Humidor. * Perfect for a vacation cabin or beach home, the Crab Shack humidor proclaims “Fresh Crabs Daily”, enticing your friends to come and enjoy the latest tasty catch. * The Golf Academy Humidor is a fun gift for any golfer. * For the cigar smoker who is also a football fan, the NFL Cherry Wood Humidor can honor both his passion for the cigar and football. The rich cherry wood humidor features the official NFL logo of his favorite team (teams currently available — Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Houston Texas, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers) * For the rock and roll lover, get ready to rock with the Roadhouse Humidor. Humidors are a great investment for cigar loving people, as it preserves your cigars. Aside from the design, it is important to consider a few things when purchasing a humidor. How many cigars would you like to store? How many cigars do have on hand any time? The number of cigars to be placed in a humidor is important, because if there is too much dead space in the humidor, it can throw off the humidity and temperature level. A true cigar lover should choose a humidor that meets his needs.


Source by Francis Gilliland