Strategies For Egg Gathering In Wow’s Noblegarden

If you like Easter time, you’ll love the WOW Noblegarden at that time.  The Noblegarden festival is usually held on Easter Sunday and the city Barker and Guest Giver direct players to the celebration.

The egg hunt actually goes on for a week, with eggs hidden in the starting zones of the Alliance, Horde, and Neutral areas.

Eggs painted to look like wildflowers and containing treasures, coins and candy are hidden by the Nobels and Lords from each race.  Then everyone in the city looks for them. Every egg contains a piece of Noblegarden chocolate. Hint: Eat your first 100 eggs to obtain the Chocoholic achievement.

Eggs can also contain buffs which turn players into a rabbit for an hour.

You actually need to find 355 eggs so you can purchase event items from various venders using your Noblegarden chocolate! If you want to go for some of the more expensive items, save up your eggs until you figure out how much all of your eggs are worth.  Mage’s will need an additional 100 if they want the [Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit].

Some of the items that can be purchased include:

Spring Flowers


Tuxedo shirts

Tuxedo pants

Elegant dresses

Prices range from 5 – 100 pieces of chocolate.

The quests that are available for Noblegarden are: Spring Collectors and Gatherers, The Great Egg Hunt, and A Tisket, a Tasket, A Noblegarden Basket!

Here are a two different ways to collect eggs fast.  1) Give yourself the ability to run faster by attaching your basket to a key or button. This keeps the buff out of the way, 2) Locate yourself in a spot with a lot of spawn points so you DON’T have to run around so much.

And remember, if possible, eat your first 100 eggs to obtain the Chocoholic achievement award.

Source by Alex R. Cooper