Wedding Style

Wedding Style

Nowadays, when people talk about the different kinds of weddings, the most popular choice that emerges is the outdoor wedding style. This preference makes nature as a wonderful background and the most familiar under this category of wedding style is the garden wedding.

Normally, the wedding favours you will be giving to your guests should match the theme of the said event. So if for instance you have settled for a garden wedding, then it is much more pleasing to arrange your wedding favours in the form of potted plants, seeds, and many others which can be associated with the environment.

Items with designs of animals, trees, butterflies, pebbles, fountains, flowers will do. If you are the more creative and artistic type, then the garden wedding style can make you expand your creative juices to the utmost level. You can even gather petals of scented flowers and make a potpourri out of it and place them in tulle nets or bags made out of fabric. You can also go for small pails that are painted in your chosen wedding colours and fill them up with confectionaries such as chocolates or candies. Embellish and top it off with a small butterfly or bird design on it side. Other stylish favours would be a floral themed letter opener that is made in chrome, but made highly pragmatic. Other examples would also include bookmarks and stoppers. But if your budget would allow more space for expenses, then you can still come up with tiny gift baskets with seeds, flowers, potpourri, or even a candle made of citronella to stave off insects while the guests are sitting out in gardens.

If you are wanting to have edible favours, you can come up with confectionaries that are butterfly or floral shaped. With the popularity of mini cakes emerging in the market, you can also such and top it off with butterfly designs or flowers. For candles, there is a wide range of candles with a garden theme that would remind you of seasons. Soaps can also be searched of different shapes, colours, and scents that can serve as a pleasing wedding favour for everybody.

For any wedding style, the photographic wedding favour could always pass. These include frames, magnets, key rings, and many more. Paper based products can pass too and even cards that are plant-able where seeds are attached to it. The latter suggestion makes it a very interesting gift for the guest since all they need to do is plant the wedding favour as soon as they reach home.

Other popular wedding styles include the formal wedding, the casual wedding, and other theme-styled wedding. The first type is the one that focuses on elegance and classic tradition which is considered the most expensive type of wedding to have. The casual wedding style is where the environment is laid back and relaxed and where everyone can just wear simple clothes. The wedding is held in the backyard with just a few barbeques and pasta in store for the guests. While the theme-styled weddings may be applicable to those who are into special hobbies and particular favourites.

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Source by Mano Tomas