The Exploding Popularity Of Gift Baskets


Every year at Christmastime, thousands of Australians send gift baskets to friends, relatives and co-workers. Increasingly, though, those same people are sending out gift hampers for a huge number of different occasions. Unlike in the past, hampers have become popular beyond the confines of the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday – or Just Because!

If you’ve ever given someone a gift basket before, there’s a very good chance that it was for Christmas. Back a few years ago, hampers were largely perceived as Christmas gift items and were often used as such. The initial popularity of gift hampers is definitely attributable to the holiday season; right off the bat, baskets full of chocolates and other treats were popularly handed out at Christmastime. Over time, though, many different varieties have been developed and gift baskets are suitable for any occasion now. Without a doubt, gift baskets have transformed from Christmas gifts to gifts for any occasion – and their popularity just keeps growing.

A Wider Assortment Means Greater Usefulness –

Without question, the fact that gift baskets used to boast chocolates and other delicious treats – and little else – was largely why they were reserved for the holiday season. Nowadays, though, gift baskets come in a stunning array of themes and configurations. While chocolates and other delicacies continue to be quite popular, gift hampers today can be stuffed full of anything from golf novelty items to specialty teas. Creativity reigns supreme when it comes to gift basket design, which is a huge part of the reason why people are handing them out all year long these days.

Baskets For Every Occasion –

In addition to a wide array of delightful, customised choices, there are gift hampers today that are geared for just about every imaginable occasion. While Christmas hampers remain a hot commodity, birthday hampers, hampers for men and hampers for women are all hot sellers. There are baskets designed with expectant mums in mind, and options that boast a bevy of goods for newborn bubs as well. There’s no reason not to give a hamper as a going away present, a welcome back present – or “just because.” No matter where the recipient’s tastes lie, hampers are unquestionably one of the most versatile and thoughtful gifts that you can give throughout the entire year.


Source by Tom Venuto