Tips for Holding the Perfect Summer Picnic


One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to pack a basket with delicious types of food, grab a blanket and head out for a relaxed summer picnic. Picnics are perfect for bonding with friends and family over foods that shout “summer is here!” There is something about the simplicity of a picnic that makes it very appealing.

Unfortunately, there are several ways for an enjoyable picnic to be ruined, and not all of these can be blamed on the weather. If you are careless in your planning, you may end up dropping or smashing your food, spending excessive amounts of time assembling the food onsite, or worst of all, ending up with spoiled food that smells terrible and tastes worse. These tips will help you plan for a perfect picnic so that you avoid the aforementioned tragedies.


There are several essential items that you will not want to be without when you have your picnic. These include the following:

-Picnic basket (or better yet, a cooler to keep everything fresh)
-Frozen bottles of water. Put them in the freezer the night before the picnic. When they melt, you’ll have icy cold water!
-Tablecloth or picnic blanket
-Outdoor dinnerware or paper plates
-Plastic utensils
-Hand Sanitizer
-Trash bags

Keep It Simple

This doesn’t mean that you need to eat bread and water, but if you plan foods that are easy to prepare and serve, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. The last thing you need when you arrive at your picnic spot is the hassle of preparing a complicated meal. Also, if you are packing a picnic basket instead of a cooler, you will want more perishable foods that last longer without refrigeration. Stick with easy foods like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, veggies, cookies, crackers, and so on.

Use Unique Picnic Recipes for Variety

If you want to pack a simple picnic lunch but are tired of the peanut butter sandwich routine, consider trying out a new recipe for a meal or dessert that can be made ahead of time and is easy to prepare once you arrive at your picnic location. Remember that whatever you make needs to be perishable. One great option that is quick, easy and tasty is to use a cake mix product to make your dessert before your picnic. This will give even the most inexperienced cook a variety of dessert options!


Source by chelsi woolz