Wedding Gift Basket Ideas – Shauna Arthurs


Whether you have been invited to a wedding and are looking for a gift for the bride and groom, or you are the bride and groom and would like to create a wedding gift basket for your wedding party or guests, the following are some ideas to help you get started.

? Containers for wedding gift baskets come in all shapes, sizes and prices. While wicker and woven baskets are most traditional, you can also consider a more original container that sets a certain theme, for example a large watering bucket filled with garden tools or plants, or an ice bucket filled with champagne and glasses.

? For a wedding gift, consider special wrapping once your basket is assembled. Cello wrapping material imprinted with stars or hearts can make the gift extra-special, for example. Tulle or chiffon can serve as decadent wrapping as well.

? Perhaps the bride would appreciate a basket filled with items that co-ordinate with either her wedding colors, or the hues she has chosen for her new home. As a gift to guests if you are the bride, you may wish to fill little baskets as wedding favors that co-ordinate with your wedding day colors.

? A basket full of candles and holders, or decadent bath and body lotions or cosmetics is something everyone appreciates. The more decadent, the more the appreciation, especially because not everyone would buy such things for themselves.

? A wedding gift basket filled with items from the bridal registry is an elegant and simple gift. Additionally, the couple can use the container later as they see fit.

? An assortment of gourmet items such as chocolates or special imported foods makes a lovely gift. Just be sure the foods are in line with what the recipient would enjoy; for example if someone eats only kosher foods this must be taken into account when choosing or ordering items.

? A basket with a theme suited to the recipient is always appreciated. For example, golf items for golfers; flowers or plants for gardeners; photo frames for a photographer – you get the picture!

? Gift baskets of flowers or fresh fruits are lovely and elegant, and can range from simple to very extravagant, to suit the event and the recipient/s.

? As an alternative idea, most towns and all cities have professionals. Sometimes hiring a professional to create and deliver a beautiful gift basket is money well-spent, especially if you are a harried bride or a guest with a very busy schedule of your own.


Source by Shauna Arthurs