Wedding Gift Basket Ideas


If you know of a special couple that are getting ready to tie the knot, consider a wedding gift basket as a way of helping them start out right. There are plenty of options available for wedding gift baskets, depending on the taste and preferences of the happy couple and the constraints of your own budget. From the frivolous to the practical, with a little creativity in the shopping department, you are guaranteed to find an arrangement that will be unique to your special recipients. You can shop for a pre-made basket from many retailers and gift shops that can be found in the yellow pages or on the internet, or you can try your own creative hand by constructing your own personalized wedding gift basket.

Practical Wedding Gift Basket Ideas

For the young couple with barely an iron to their name, a practical wedding gift basket might be just the ticket to help get them started out on the right foot. Keep in mind that practicality does not have to stifle creativity when it comes to constructing your arrangement. For example, you can fill a laundry basket with cleaning supplies, including a feather duster and some aromatic room spray. Or you can opt to fill a picnic basket with outdoor dining supplies and some citronella candles. A decorative kitchen basket brimming with spices and seasonings will give a new couple a good head start on stocking their pantry. Finally, a seasonal basket containing Christmas decorations, cards, and stockings will make that first Christmas together a special time to for them to remember.

Indulgences to Celebrate Young Love

Yes, wine and roses are still the romantic symbols of choice, but if these selections seem too clichéd, you can opt for a wedding gift basket filled with a gourmet dinner for two. Italian dishes lend themselves well to this theme, since you can include pasta and sauce, flavored breadsticks and some fancy olive oil. Another unique idea for an indulgent wedding gift basket would be items for a leisurely breakfast in bed, such as coffee, pancake mix and Vermont maple syrup. Finish this ensemble off with a lovely breakfast tray and matching mugs for the special couple. There are also wedding gift baskets filled with delectable delights like champagne, spa products, rich chocolates and gourmet nuts. No matter what the tastes of that special couple, you can find a way to pamper them during their first few weeks together.

Wedding gift baskets are a great way to give a personalized gift to that new couple on your list. With a little bit of creativity, your basket will offer many enjoyments that will last long after the special day.


Source by John Wollitz